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Would you like us to investigate?*** We investigate at no charge to our host.

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What to expect
when you contact TEPS
for an investigation
of your home or business:
1. Questions

We're happy to answer your questions, but we'll have questions for you, as well. Depending upon the reported activity, we'll ask questions that might sound odd and unrelated, but the answers help us to determine if an investigation is needed and, if so, when. Some of the questions we may ask are listed to the right.

2. Suggestions

We'll make suggestions that will help you deal with your activity until an investigation can be scheduled, as well as contribute to the overall investigation. The most important thing you can do if you suspect paranormal activity is to start a log of unexplained activity in and around your home or business. Note date, time, weather, people & animals present, and any other significant details.

3. Understanding

4. No fees. We're doing this for two-fold purpose of helping people and gathering research.

To contact TEPS for a possible investigation:



Or Write:

Catherine Duncan
P.O. Box 498
Oregon City, OR
1. Exactly what are you seeing/hearing/smelling/feeling that makes you suspect there is paranormal activity?

2. Are there certain times these events occur?

3. Who is present when they occur?

4. Who lives in the house (ages, genders, relationships)?

5. Do you have pets? If so, have they reacted to events?

If your out of the TEPS area we will gladly help you find a group who can help you in your area.

Trail's End Paranormal Society
Founded November, 2002 by Catherine J. and Michael Duncan


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