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Your photo's don't always prove a Haunting.


Orbs: A ball of light that travels through the air. Many times it is dust, bugs or moisture in the air. You can-not prove a location is haunted by Orbs. .Many pictures show a lighting like atmosphere inside of the orb. Others see faces or mist in or around the orb. You will see streaks of light trailing behind the orb or multiple orbs depending on the direction and speed the orb is traveling.


VORTEX Streaks of light seen in pictures are commonalty referred to a Vortex. You will see vortex shooting strait out of the ground or wildly streaking threw the air. Many of these vortex have orbs traveling through them. Some believe that these vortexes are caused by the speed in which to orb travels through air..



ECTOPLASMS Many believe the ectoplasm is both a Jelly like substance that has a strong odor and or a Mist with a strong odor. Some believe it is a mist caused in the atmosphere when an entity or spirit passes into our environment. Caused when the extreme cold from where the entity or spirit comes from and hits our atmosphere that it causes a mist. In the movie Ghostbusters it was a green slime. You can make your own ectoplasm by taking cold water and cornstarch to sauce pan and cooking until it thickens. You can even add food color if you would like and then for added effect put your ectoplasm into a clear container with mineral oil for you ectoplasm to float in. I myself have taken picture both during the day and at night where there is a mist and I have never noticed an odor when I had taken the picture. Also to date I have not seen a gel or slime

None of these pictures prove a haunting.
Many have been found to be your breath, smoking, bugs, dust
just to name a few things that can cause false readings.
Waking up with someone holding you down. No you may have
a sleeping disorder.
EVP's No there maybe outside causes like voices being carried from
another room.
High EMF's No it maybe electrical.
Temperature Changes No you may have a breeze.
You need to know what is going on and find out if there is a natural cause.

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