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Member Awards and Media

Members of Trails End have been working with Cascade Geographic Society.
Proudly helping with tours, festivals and project ghost.

1.       Awards Dinner December 8th for volunteers with the Cascade Geographic Society.

a.       Catherine Duncan was awarded the Curator’s Award.

b.       Members of TEPS recognized for Project Ghost:

1.       Debbie Monnier

2.       Kathryn Murphy

3.       Jim & Adrienne Duncan

4.       Catherine Duncan

5.       Shanon Montz

c.        Friday the 13th Tours:

1.       Catherine Duncan

2.       Shanon Montz

d.       Tours of Shanghai Tunnels:

1.       Shanon Montz

2.       Catherine Duncan

e.       Collecting Artifacts

1.       Kenneth Duncan who found during Pioneer Days door hinges for original cabin at settlement giving idea of location cabin was at. Further research will be done to see if they can find other artifacts.

2.       Catherine Duncan special note: One of the quilts she found this year was an unknown pattern for quilters. Pictures were taken by quilting groups so this pattern can be done again.  Catherine also recognized for her help during Quilt Show.

f.        Christmas along the Barlow Trail.

1.       Kenneth Duncan, Caroler

2.       Shanon Montz, Caroler

3.       Nora Lambert, Caroler

4.       Catherine Duncan

g.       Oregon Country Settlement Living History Weekend.

1.       Kenneth Duncan who demonstrated Knife Throwing.

                        2.    Catherine Duncan

Members of Trails End Enjoy working with the media. But we do not give out information with out permission  of our host.

Trail's End Paranormal Society
Founded November, 2002 by Catherine J. and Michael Duncan


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