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Please Note we are still around.

But still active.
But NW Chapter is not taking new members.

Special Note: Our Team Wishes to send Condolences
to the families of  Mark and Debby Constantino .
We enjoyed working with them in the Shanghai Tunnels.

Please watch for members of TEPS on Ghost Adventures and My Ghost Story, plus other programs from the past and in the future.

I have left CGS for personal reasons. But they have copies of all our work.

Trails End Paranormal Society members have been volunteering for the Cascade Geographic Society for abt. 20 years. Not only helping on tours but also investigating the Original Shanghai Tunnels. Our members also help with the festivals and other events put on by the Cascade Geographic Society. During our research we have documented baseline readings, done EVP's as well as try other ways to communicate with spirits.

In another dimension,we're headquartered in
Oregon City, Oregon.

In that same dimension we can also be found in
Eugene, Oregon.
Please note we investigate for you at no charge.
Let us know if your interested.
Also a former member of the American Ghost Society.

Blue Lady


Trail's End Paranormal Society (TEPS) is a ghost research group founded in 2002 by Catherine J. & Michael Duncan that utilizes both technical and psychic methods of determining paranormal activity. To find out more about the philosophy for Trails End please visit our TEPS philosophy page.

Educating our clients is a high priority. We encourage clients to accompany our investigators during investigations of their own homes/businesses. We explain what type of evidence we're searching for, how each piece of equipment works and theories.

We do this without charge to our host. We find that being able to do our research is our payment in itself. Ruling out mundane reasons for reported strange activity is also a priority. This is also called debunking.

Children are also welcome to join the investigation, as long as their parent(s) believe it would not upset them more than the unexplained activity in the house. We've found that fear, among both adults and children, can be cured with knowledge. The more you can learn about something that frightens you, the less fearful you become and the less power it has over you.

Please see our INVESTIGATIONS page for information on what occurs when you contact TEPS for a home or business investigation. We look forward to hearing from you!



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Trail's End Paranormal Society
Founded November, 2002 by Catherine J. and Michael Duncan


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