About the Members of Trails End Paranormal Society.


We are a group of paranormal investigators that take what we do seriously. We are devoted to documenting, researching and helping clients anyway we can. The cost for our service is nothing more than a Thank You.  All research and investigation costs are bourn by our members.  None of the members are paid for what they do, they all volunteer because they want to understand the paranormal. We are an inclusive group that tries to build bridges between paranormal and historical groups.


TEPS Members enjoy working with their community by helping with:


Our most enjoyable projects is Sanders Cemetery. Sanders Cemetery is a old family cemetery that has been abandoned.  Many of the headstones are missing or broken.  Fences have fallen and rusted.  There are an estimated 12-15 graves that are currently unaccounted for.  One of the burial sites is a Civil War veteran. Members spend hours during the spring, summer and fall working on Sanders.  As you can guess weeds, ivy and other vegetation continue to grow year around.  During the winter many will continue researching Sanders by going to the library or anywhere else they can to find what they can. Talk to any who have spent any time out at Sanders and you will see a sense of pride.  Because of our relentless pursuit to keep Sanders as nice as we possibly can, we were featured in an article in the October 2006 issue of Portland Monthly Magazine.


Members of TEPS are constantly building bridges between groups that are trying to preserve history, like Cascade Geographic Society, or do research on the paranormal.  We enjoy working with other groups.  We have been known to help a new team get started.  Cost for this service is again free. We are not in this to make money, but to establish groups and teams anyone can count on.  We also help to develop teams we can rely on to help with investigations out of our area.


Members have co-hosted the Rose City Paranormal Conference for the last 2 years. This year we teamed with West Coast Paranormal Investigations.. At this conference we have a wonderful group of speakers for everyone. Workshops are available for everyone and we have been trying to keep this free to the public. Speakers have been donating their time.  Displays and venders rent their table to help cover the cost of this conference.  All the groups who participate seem to really enjoy sharing experiences and working towards understanding the paranormal together.  This is also another way we can find groups

who we can trust to handle investigations out of our area. 


TEPS members have traveled long distances to help clients.  We are happy to provide the service.  We will, however, refer an investigation to another group that may be closer. but we have found that contacting groups in the area involved maybe more helpful to our clients.  Local groups often know more about the local history and have local contacts for information.  Our number one goal is assisting the client.  If that means giving an investigation to another group that is what we will do.


In the same vane, if we find someone that is interested in the paranormal we will find out where they live and refer them to the closest paranormal group.  Although we are always looking for good people to work with, we know that travel time and gas expenses often keep people form being involved.  We want to have connections with other groups and helping them grow is one way to do it.


Members enjoy helping other groups get established in the TEPS family, but TEPS does have strong protocols.  No New Chapter of TEPS is established without their understanding of our by-laws, rules and expectations. We have a very strict code of conduct. Privacy is a very big issue with TEPS. We do not ask our clients to sign contracts prohibiting other groups from investigating. At times we will call in another groups to verify our findings independently.


All of our members are interviewed before becoming a member of TEPS. This will take time as we do take allot of time training new members. Through this process we are able to find members who will be an asset to TEPS and become part of the TEPS Family. New Officers of New Chapters also go through this process and we wonÕt open a new chapter unless their officers have spent several months involved in TEPS  and usually longer. Monthly reports must be sent to our HQ each month letting us know how each group is doing. These reports include investigations.   Our Executive Board decides when interested individuals are ready to establish a TEPS Chapter, if a request is made.


Chapter Presidents will meet with the executive board at least 4 times a year.  The Executive Board members are made up of the Founding Members and Officers of TEPS. This is where we will update forms, enlist new by-laws or address issues from the membership. Members of TEPS know they are welcome to go to any Chapter Meeting.


All Investigations require a final report to the Client & Home office. The president of each chapter will review these reports before they are sent on. We double check these reports to make sure our clients are happy with the job TEPS members have done for them. We also want to make sure that something wasnÕt missed during an investigation.


All Chapters do charge a minor member dues. This helps cover cost of supplies & website.


All of the TEPS Members have a strong sense of pride. The TEPS reputation is very important to them.  Members have found that the longer they are involved in TEPS the more they learn and develop.